Gurage history

Crass Joachim, Meyer Ronny. The Qabena and the Wolane: Two peoples of the Gurage region and their respective histories according to their own oral traditions.

In: Annales d'Ethiopie. Abstracts: This paper deals with some historical aspects of the Qabena and the Wolane, two Muslim peoples living close to each other in the Gurage region. The oral traditions of these two peoples states their itinerary through Harar, and connect them to the ancient Hadiyya. XVII: The Qabena and the Wolane: Two peoples of the Gurage region and their respective histories according to their own.

Despite the fact that the Gurage region is easily accessible and not far away from Addis Ababa, relatively little is known about its peoples, their languages and the exact geographical boundaries of where they live1. This paper is a preliminary report on ongoing research concerning two peoples of this region and their languages2.

These two peoples are the Qabena and the Wolane3 who today live in close proximity with. Our research is primarily a linguistic one, i. Furthermore, we will have a look at the history and the socio-linguistic situation. The present paper deals with the history of these two peoples as recounted in their oral tradition4.

The Qabena live in rural areas around the town of Wolqit'e which is located some kilometres southwest of Addis Ababa.

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All follow the Islamic faith. To the west only a few villages near Wolqit'e are inhabited by Qabena.

gurage history

To the north the Rebu river forms the boundary with the Oromo people. To the south of the Qabena live the Chaha beyond the Wabe river. In the southeast there seems to be a small area where Ezha live next to the Qabena.

East of the Qabena the Wolane area begins. On Saturdays people from the sourrounding areas like Ezha, Oromo and Wolane come to trade goods. The Qabena language belongs to the group of Highland East Cushitic languages. The exact classification of Qabena within this group "is still somewhat of a problem" Korhonen et al. Hudson considered Qabena to be an isolated pocket of. According to Korhonen et al.There are actually three distinct groups of Gurage goo rah gay people, whose languages are not always mutually intelligible.

Those I worked with, called the Sebat Bet Seven House Gurage, probably number around a million total Gurage population is over 1, They live in a mountainous area about miles southwest of Addis Ababa. Their language is Semitic, like Hebrew and Amharic the national language of Ethiopiabut due to the influence of surrounding Cushitic languages it has 10 vowels instead of the usual 7.

Click here to read more. Inset false banana is the staple food, grown by almost every household. Barley, potatoes and kale grow in the highlands and wheat and tef a millet-like grain native to Ethiopia in the lower altitudes.

Gurage houses are famous for their neatness and symmetry, circular structures held together without the use of nails, wooden spokes protruding from a center pole to support the thatched roof. Locally-made pottery hangs around the inside wall in neat rows. Near the center is a fireplace used for cooking and heating the house.

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The people take pride in their hospitality and often serve coffee boiled in a large clay pot and traditionally flavored with salt and butter and roasted grain to 30 or more guests at a time. This provides socialization for neighbors and refreshment for passers-by. Often a small section on one side of the house is equipped for livestock cows, sheep or goats, and perhaps a horsewhich are kept in the house during the night and put out to pasture in the daytime.

Translator Deggefu in Aprilsoon to enjoy the fresh-brewed coffee seen at left of photo. I had the privilege of living among the Gurage from April, to July, We completed the translation and got it approved by the Bible Society Consultant in November Then it had to be typeset, one character at a time using the old metal type, by a man who did not speak Gurage. By that time we were unable to obtain permission to publish the Gurage New Testament in Ethiopia, so it was sent to Korea for publication.

That was in In July,10, copies of the Gurage New Testament arrived at an Ethiopian port and were seized and held there.

Gurage people

Since 13, New Testaments had actually been printed, the remaining 3, were shipped toward the end of God graciously, miraculously, brought those into the country without their being seized … my best-ever Christmas gift, arriving at my office door on Dec.

In January,the other 10, were released. The Gurage believers were delighted to receive them and began asking for a translation of the Old Testament as well.This is pitiful, and done intentional to mock the beauty of our blackness Post a Comment. February 17, Gurage girl from Ethiopia. They were originally from the Tigray region of Ethiopia as the descendants of military conquerors during the Aksumite empire.

Gurage make up an estimated 1, people or 2. This is 2. Gurage girls engaged in their traditional dance. Gurage people are divided into several sub-groups, but the three main sub-groups are the Sebat-bet Gurage found in the western part of Gurageland — the two other sub-groups being the Northern Kistane cluster and the Eastern Silte-speaking cluster.

The Silte have recently asserted their own non-Gurage identity in a referendum held in the year and set-up a new politico-administrative unit at equal status with the. Gurage woman from Ethiopia.

The Gurages are generally liked in Ethiopia. People like their food and dancing, as well as the fact that they are clean and hard-working.

There are many examples of Gurages who started out with almost nothing, and today are rich. They are also known to for helping each-other, being a bit clannish. It is truly an interesting people, from a country rich in culture and diversity! The northern, western and eastern portions are sharing boarder with Oromia state.

The mountainous highland represented by the Gurage mountain chain, dividing the zone east to west, having an elevation of m.

The low stretching area, the western fringe of the rift valley and the Wabegive valley having an elevation of m. The Gurage people occupy the southernmost areas of the central plateau, about miles southwest of Addis Ababa; mainly semi-mountainous country, with highland forest and green valleys and plains where the Chibieand Gogeb rivers flow.

They live in small densely-settled villages. The climate in the zone is of three divisions. These are dega weinadega and kolla.The Gurage dialects evolved from a Proto-Gurage language or a parent Gurage language, as do all dialects do. The similarities among these dialects are used to group the Gurage dialects into three subgroups: Northern, Eastern and Western.

The number of Gurage dialects there are is not yet known. Gurage Af is one of the Ethiopian semitic languages but as Amharic and Tigrinyait did not escape the influences of the surrounding Cushitic languages.

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Gurage dialects represent clans of Gurage that live in free federation. Gurage languages is Related with Ge'ez. Gurage is written left-to-right using a system that grew out of the Ge'ez script.

Alternative scripts have not been studied for writing Gurage Af, and there is no desire to do so amongst the Gurage, aside from transliteration purposes. According to the historian Paul B. Henze, their origins are explained by traditions of a military expedition to the south during the last years of the Kingdom of Aksumwhich left military colonies that eventually became isolated from both northern Ethiopia and each other.

Indeed, there is evidence that Harla architecture may have influenced old buildings preth c. Braukhamper also states King Amda Seyon ordered Eritrean troops to be sent to mountainous regions in Gurage named Geregewhich eventually became a permanent settlement.

In addition to Amda Seyon's military settlement there, the permanence of Abyssinian presence in Gurage is documented during his descendants Zara Yaqob and Dawit II 's reigns. Braukhamper also notes that some Amhara troops and their families likely fled areas in modern-day Gondar and Gojjam into the Gurage region during the Ethiopian-Adal War of the s, since Abyssinia was drastically outgunned by the Adal troops which received supplies and arms from the Ottoman Empire.

Thus, historically, Gurage peoples may be a complex mixture of Abyssinian, Harla, and other groups which migrated and settled in that region for differing reasons. The majority of the inhabitants of the Gurage Zone were reported as Muslim, with The Gurage live a sedentary life based on agriculture, involving a complex system of crop rotation and transplanting. Gurage people are known as hard workers and as a model of good work culture in the whole Ethiopia.

Ensete is the main staple foodbut other cash crops are grown, which include coffee and khatboth traditional stimulants.

Animal husbandry is practiced, but mainly for milk supply and dung. Other foods consumed include green cabbage, cheese, butter, and roasted grains, with meat consumption being very limited also used in rituals or ceremonies. The Gurage, the writer Nega Mezlekia notes, "have earned a reputation as skilled traders".Gurageethnolinguistic group of the fertile and semi-mountainous region some miles kilometres south and west of Addis AbabaEthiopiabounded by the Awash River on the north, the Gilgel Gibe River a tributary of the Omo River on the southwest, and Lake Ziway on the east.

The groups that are subsumed under the term Gurage originated in the Tigray region of Ethiopia as the descendants of military conquerors during the Aksumite empire. The Gurage languages, which are not always mutually intelligible, belong to the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Some of these have been influenced by neighbouring Cushitic languages.

The Gurage have no centralized institutional political power or leadership. Local power is vested in lineages; these descent groups display corporate rights, obligations, and influence. In contrast, the religious or ritual system is highly centralized; ritual officials sanction the authority of the political elders. One of the more interesting aspects of this religious-political asymmetry is the integral place in the system assigned to the Fuga, the local representatives of what are believed to be remnants of earlier inhabitants of the Horn of Africa.

This lower-caste group of artisans and hunters are also ritual specialists whose powers are both feared and deemed essential in all major Gurage religious functions. The Fuga share a ritual language with Gurage women, which Gurage men may not learn lest they discern the mysteries of the female initiation ceremonies.

Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Gurage people. See Article History. This article was most recently revised and updated by Kathleen KuiperSenior Editor.

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gurage history

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gurage history

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